Roman Barrows

 Žice 6, 2233 Sv. Ana v Slov. goricah ( Map )


We can claim with certainty that this part of Slovenske gorice has always been populated by different people, among them Romans (about 2000 years ago). Evidence of Roman settlements in these parts are the Roman barrows and tumulus. Barrows, archaeological monuments, were in the past used for burial on these parts. We differentiate between pre-historical and Roman provincial barrows.

The barrows in Slovenske gorice have an unusual characteristic - only one or two urn burials. In the area of Sveta Ana, there are seven locations with 45 burial mounds. All of the barrows show signs of having been opened, for in the 19th century they were raided by ‘treasure hunters’ who sold the uncovered items to antique collectors. Today, they are protected archaeological monuments.