Virtual tours

The Hrgova Homestead

Vitomarci 58, 2255 Vitomarci
The Hrgova Homestead is an important monument of folk architecture at the beginning of the 19th century. It is situated at the top of the village of Vitomarci and is a type of L-shaped Pannonian house - house with an outbuilding. The homestead is a typical house with a pitched straw roof, with a smaller outbuilding – with a wine cellar. The indoor living area is also traditional.

Maister’s Viewing Tower

Zavrh 97, 2232 Voličina
In 1963, the local people erected a wooden tower on Zavrh, which was 24 metres high, and named it after General Rudolf Maister. On the same spot today stands the 17 metre high metal viewing tower, which, when the weather is fine, offers fantastic views of Pohorje, Kozjak, Boč, Donačka gora, neighbouring Croatia and even the plains of Hungary. In the midst of the settlement proudly stands Stupica’s villa, in which the general occasionally spent some time resting.

Šiker Museum of Peasants’ Life

Močna 7, 2231 Pernica
The private museum collection contains a great variety of farmyard tools and machines. It is divided into six groups: agriculture, fruit farming, viticulture, carpentry, cooperage, making wheels and peasants’ means of transport. Some of the exhibited objects are also related to the apartment culture and milling. The tools and machines, displayed in the museum, mostly date from the 19th century.

Hotel Šiker

Močna 4, 2231 Pernica
Šiker Hotel is a large and demanding newer investment and valuable acquisition of Gostilna Šikar, which was opened in late 2011. It is situated in pristine nature near Lake Pristava, only a hundred paces from the inn. It is meant for tourists who wish to get to know Slovenske gorice, for a family break in nature, for passers-by and business-people alike.

The Druzovič Winery

Drbetinci 13, 2255 Vitomarci
The tourist farm, “Druzovič”, is a well-kept homestead in the heart of Slovenske gorice with a lovely view of the valley. Visit it when you want to rest for a few days, take walks in the countryside, go cycling in Slovenske gorice, or when you simply want to enjoy some homemade food. Along with a wide range of home-grown and homemade food, they offer different types of wines which you can pour yourself in their stone cellar.

Šiker Inn

Močna 7, 2231 Pernica
Next to the Radgona-Maribor road, once frequented by carters, stands the Šiker inn, where one can quench one’s thirst and get a full belly of good food. It all began in 1870, when Mihael and Ana Schiker began the story of the local inn for carters, which soon became popular among locals and wayfarers too. The rich experience was passed on from generation to generation, which is why we can prepare traditional, time-tested meals.

Dr. Roman Lesnika Memorial Room

Kremberk 36a, 2233 Sv. Ana v Slov. goricah
On the premises of the health dispensary in Kremberk there is a memorial room of Dr. Roman Lesnika. He is a local figure, born in 1898 near Sveta Ana, his parents were teachers at the Elementary school in Sveta Ana. Roman Lesnika was born in 1898 and gained his education at the Medical Faculty in Graz. He specialised in dentistry and was managing the pharmaceuticals. During the wartime occupation, he helped many people. The permanent exhibition showcases the equipment of Roman Lesnika, M.D.

Grafonž Homestead

Zgornja Ščavnica 58, 2233 Sv. Ana v Slov. goricah
A beautiful brick and part wooden house, owned by the Urbanič family and for four generations also called the Grafonž homestead, that allows us to have a look at a museum of the life and management in the past. They also have a stationary and excursion tourism. The Grafonž homestead consists of the house, a barn, hayrack, wooden toilet, apiary, fountain, a place to dry flax and a trellis.

Memorial House Zavrh 42 – Štupica's villa

Zavrh 42, 2232 Voličina
In Zavrh, opposite Maister’s viewing tower, lies a country villa, built in 1923 and named after its former owner, Fran Štupica. A cultural centre was added to the building in 1947/48. The villa is important because it was frequented by Rudolf Maister – Vojanov (1874-1934), who was a general, fighter for the Slovene northern border, poet, bibliophile and patriot. He enjoyed visiting his friend in Zavrh – the notary of Lenart, Fran Štupica.

The Monastery Building

Széll Kálmán tér 11, 1024
The Cistercians arriving at Szentgotthárd first started to build a place to live in, the monastery, in 1740. The plans were also made by Franz Anton Pilgram. First they began building the southern wing and the monks could move in as early as in 1746. The part of the monastery, which can still be seen today, was completed around 1750, yet the symmetrical, northern part around of the church could not be completed.   The building is now used as the Townhall.

St. Gotthard Spa & Wellness

Füzesi út 3, 9970
The spa satisfies all needs of wellness and medicinal spas. The nearby thermal well provides the pools with thermal water of approximately 35°C. Guests wishing to rest and relax can enter a truly Mediterranean world: beneath the huge glass dome of the spa you can find palm and banana trees and evergreen plants. Even in the coldest winter you have the feeling of a Caribbean summer. Our spa won an architectural standards award 2008.