The Hrgova Homestead

 Vitomarci 58, 2255 Vitomarci ( Map ) ( Virtual tour)


The Hrgova Homestead is an important monument of folk architecture at the beginning of the 19th century. It is situated at the top of the village of Vitomarci and is a type of L-shaped Pannonian house - house with an outbuilding. The homestead is a typical house with a pitched straw roof, with a smaller outbuilding – with a wine cellar. The indoor living area is also traditional. In the centre of the house is the hallway and the black kitchen (called črna kuhinja because of the open fire cooking, that made the kitchen dark with smoke and soot), on the right is the ‘house’ or the large room (the central living area), and to the right of that is the ‘small house.’ One of the more interesting features of the house is the grated cellar door with the year 1811 inscribed on it. The homestead is one of a few preserved houses, that, in a way, bear witness to the lifestyle of small farmers. Due to its exceptional architectural quality, it was declared a monument of the area. The house and the outbuilding were first reconstructed in 2002 (renovated walls, roof and the grounds). In 2017, under the project DETOX (Slovenia-Croatia), it was renovated, gaining a fresh layer of clay plaster and a lime coating on both the interior and exterior of the house as well as in the outbuilding. The homestead was connected to the electricity and water supplies and a toilet facility was built. In the house there is a museum, where visitors can learn about farm life in the past with the help of the exhibited items, and the outbuilding is used as an event venue for local societies.