Hianzisch House of Regional Traditions in Rábafüzes

 Móra Ferenc u. 3, 9955 ( Map )


The ethnological collection in Rábafüzes was opened by the former principal Ferenc Dankovics and his wife Angyalka Szőke in 1986 in the school building. After Ferenc Dankovics' death, the management of the collection was taken over by Mrs. László Cseri until the school of Rábafüzes was closed down. On the basis of the collection, a picture gallery was established in 2006. A Local History Exhibition was opened in 2009 based on the collection of the Dankovics couple. The first German nationality traditional exhibition in the county was founded in 2011 by the assistance of the library and two national grants, which is mentioned as ‘Mesélőházak’ also in the introductory book by the Association for Houses of Regional Traditions cooperating with the Local Government of the German Minority. The House of Regional Traditions in Rábafüzes was opened on the basis of this collection of the Local Government of the German Minority in 2016. The house can be visited after preliminary registration. The book titled Rábafüzes and the Hianzisch introducing Rábafüzes and this collection with plenty of photographs was published in 2016.