The Castle Garden

 Széll Kálmán tér 11, 9970 Szentgotthárd ( Map )


The Baroque garden, the orchards and the rows of trees were established in the Heiligenkreuz era, which is today known as the castle garden and it is the biggest public park. Contemporary documents and descriptions of the Cistercian library mention the soothing feeling of looking down onto the garden of the abbey. The area under local protection features several rare plants and consists of an English park and a Baroque garden. The Orangery is an important building herein. The farmhouses of the Cistercians, the gardener’s home, known under the name of Orangery and the Rába-mansion, which is a primary school today, were located behind the northern side of the granary-theatre.   There is no clear evidence about the year of construction of the gardener’s home. A small home and a glass house already existed prior to the settlement of the Cistercians. It was an apartment house after they were deported in 1950 until it became unsuitable for living. Sándor Gömbös had it rebuilt in 1996.