Brenner Chapel


On 15 December 1957, János Brenner the chaplain of Rábakethely was brutally murdered. The martyr pastor could not be commemorated publicly during the communist dictatorship. The first official commemoration ceremony was held on 13 December 1992 after the change in the regime when a crucifix was erected in front of the School Chapel in Zsida a few metres away from his place of murder. A year later in 1993 the ‘Brenner János Memorial Place Foundation' was established to properly preserve the memory of the martyr priest. It was decided that a memorial chapel shall be built in the place where János Brenner last walked.The foundation stone of the chapel was laid on 9 December 1995 and the chapel was consecrated on 25 December 1996. At the 40th anniversary of his martyr death a new bell was built in the chapel.The beatification procedure of János Brenner was officially started on 3 October 1999 by the Diocese of Szombathely. On the 13th of each month from May to October, a mass is held in the Memorial Chapel called ‘Good Pastor Chapel' and they pray for his beatification.On the ceremonies of Peter and Paul Apostles the mass is presented by the young priests of the Diocese.On 7 October 2001, a rosary association of men was established to pray for the beatification of János Brenner. The chapel is visited by many worshippers and visitors who can register for a professional guided visit.