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The Tourism Association Andovci was founded in 2008. The purpose of the Society is to actively work in the field of preserving the mother tongue and cultivating the culture and customs of the Slovenian community in Porabje. On the other hand, we want to present all these values ​​to the general public. The seat of the society is in Andovci. We made it into a 150-year-old farmhouse. In the courtyard of the house is set "Mali Triglav", a stone from Triglav as a symbol of Slovene. We made this house from this house. "Living museum", where interested people can get to know everyday farm life if they want, they can also actively participate in farm work, and in the meantime learn about the culture and culinary of the Slovenian Conservation (livestock, mowing, peeling of pumpkin seeds, preparation and baking of bread, singing and dancing etc.). "Porabska Homestead" is the only point in Porabje where visitors, tourists can actively participate and learn about the culture and customs of the Slovenian community in Hungary. Our society organizes many events and has many visitors. The events that moms have for many generations are very varied. These include, among others, the Slovenian Day, the march "Downhill, bragaj", the trips of the Three Kings, the pilgrimage to Triglav, the thawing, the living crib, the crushing, the laying-down of the younger, the Devil's Way, the preparation and baking of home-made bread, sky, etc. Many visitors walked through the natural science learning path with the name The Source of Life, which has been shaped and maintained by our society, and is intended for those who want to see the natural values ​​in Porabje. Escape Room "Halloween House" is an adventure game! The point is that players in groups of 3 to 5 must solve various tasks and by decoding the detailed things successfully decode the codes before the bad guy returns to the house! For this, players have all the time available for an hour, so that success requires work and attention! Mali Triglav - it is a rock that was brought from the Triglav National Park - is a symbol of Slovene and unity of Consumer Slovenes. In the pillar of the monument, which was ceremoniously erected and blessed on August 25, 2007, seven stones from all seven Slovenian villages of Porabje are also built. The KTD Andovci is responsible for the monument, located next to the House of Crafts and Porabskaya Homestead. What Mount Ararat is for Arments, Fuji for the Japanese, or Olympus for the Greeks, this is Triglav for Slovenes (also) for the Slovenes abroad - a first-rate symbol that unites, strengthens and contributes to the national self-esteem of those who recognize its connection with culture and interests of the people.