Little Triglav of Andovci

 Fő út 48 , 9982 Orfalu


Mali Triglav - it is a rock that was brought from the Triglav National Park - is a symbol of Slovene and unity of Consumer Slovenes. In the pillar of the monument, which was ceremoniously erected and blessed on August 25, 2007, seven stones from all seven Slovenian villages of Porabje are also built. The KTD Andovci is responsible for the monument, located next to the House of Crafts and Porabskaya Homestead. What Mount Ararat is for Arments, Fuji for the Japanese, or Olympus for the Greeks, this is Triglav for Slovenes (also) for the Slovenes abroad - a first-rate symbol that unites, strengthens and contributes to the national self-esteem of those who recognize its connection with culture and interests of the people.