Church of Saint Andrew (sv. Andrej)

 Vitomarci 74, 2255 Vitomarci ( Map )


The church is situated within the boundaries of the original parish of Ptuj. In the 16th century, it was completely rebuilt, perhaps even built anew. The only date on the bell is 1529, which puts the building of the church before the Turkish incursions in 1532. In literature, the building of the church is recorded as 1513, but the plaque on the bell that is mentioned in it, is gone. To the west, there is the great bell, behind it, a trapezoidal aisle, and, on the east, a wider aisle with two by two? buttresses on the side walls. The interior is arched, as is the bell. The church is on hill, 293 metres above sea level, and is said to stand on the spot where, in 1297, a fortress used to be situated as a defence against the Huns. The parish chronicles mention that the first church stood in the middle of a forest, between pines and spruces, where the original name comes from, Sv. Andraž in Hojčja. In 1787, there was a cemetery surrounding the church, which was moved to its current location in 1821. Until 1921, the church was surrounded by a wall that was later torn down and, in its place, a parsonage was built.