Grafonž Homestead

 Zgornja Ščavnica 58, 2233 Sv. Ana v Slov. goricah ( Map ) ( Virtual tour)


A beautiful brick and part wooden house, owned by the Urbanič family and for four generations also called the Grafonž homestead, that allows us to have a look at a museum of the life and management in the past. They also have a stationary and excursion tourism.

The Grafonž homestead consists of the house, a barn, hayrack, wooden toilet, apiary, fountain, a place to dry flax and a trellis. It is one of the rare preserved ambiances with typical buildings from the 19th century with preserved furbishing and equipment, various objects and farming machinery and technical oddities. A large, T-shaped farm building, that is part wooden, was built in 1869. Behind the house there is a wooden farm building with a preserved wooden press. Not far from the yard there is a completely preserved flax drier, known as ‘lanišnica’. Close to the house there is an apiary with 38 hives. A special place on the homestead is the ground floored single-storey house with a cellar with the year 1841 inscribed on the stone cellar entrance. The house has a six-axis façade and a three-axis frontage. The house has a traditional layout with a hall that connects the main rooms, a vaulted cellar and attic. Most of the outer and inner fittings and frames are also original.