Vadása Lake

46.876321,16.5479583 ( Map )


In the Vadása Valley the building of the Vadása Lake started in 1968, with the use of the water of the Vadása Creek. The name was given because a lot of foxes lived in this area and dug holes along the creek, and the creek was named “dug by the wild” that is “vad-ásta”, in Hungarian, shortened Vadása. 12 springs feed its clear water. The 200-meter wide and 350-meter long lake is a popular destination for hikers in the summer months. Vadása Lake consists of two lakes. The newer lake with smaller water surface lies in the middle of a romantic, dense forest, stumps stand out of its water. It is primarily popular with anglers: you can catch carp, amur, different types of bream, zander, asp and crucian carp here.