The Village Core of Spodnja Voličina

 Spodnja Voličina 154, 2232 Voličina ( Map )


Voličina is a typical example of a Slovene clustered village with an old village core, which formed in the vicinity of the church. The settlement was first mentioned in a ducal urbarium from 1265. The lands of Voličina were owned by the feudal lords of Hrastovec and Vurberk. The central part of the village is the church of St Rupert, first mentioned in 1443. Other market-type buildings are located nearby, such as the rectory, the old school with its beginnings in 1763 and enlarged in 1838, a former store and inn and a house with the year 1829 carved into one of its stones. Also nearby is a statue in memory of Slovene linguist Anton Murko (1809-1871).