Ščavnica River

46.657379,15.853096 ( Map )


The Ščavnica River is a lowland river in the northeast part of Slovenia. Its headwaters are 330m above sea level in the northeast part of Slovenske gorice, in Zgornja Velka. 

In the past, the Ščavnica River had a larger volume of water. It used to power the numerous watermills that stood on the river. Today, only the modern, electrically powered Rožman’s mill is still on the river. Water is not only important for the existence of human society, but also for fauna and flora. The river used to be full of life. Today, we are lucky to find an example of the fish that used to be a trademark of this river – the chub. In spring and autumn, the river used to burst its banks and flood the nearest fields and meadows. The natural riverbed of the Ščavnica River through the Zgornja Ščavniška valley is 5 metres wide and has a typical winding pattern and riparian tree vegetation.