Escape into school through time

The Municipality of Sveti Andraž in Slovenske gorice has a long history of education, since the first written mentions on the implementation of lessons from us since 1791. The regular implementation of education began in 1812. A part of the tourist product ESCAPE "Escape to school" was established in the museum interactive classroom through time , where we present to visitors the development of education at Sv. Andraž. Part of the classroom is decorated in an old fashion with school equipment from 100 years ago, with a chalkboard with a stand and chalkboard tables for pupils, while the modern part with modern school equipment, interactive whiteboard and projector and computer tables. The classroom also has a permanent exhibition of school supplies and school books from different periods. Kindly welcome to visit our places, experience the delicacies of home-based providers and travel with us to the history of schoolchildren and schoolchildren who were sitting in our benches in the past.

10 points of tolerance

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