Escape into the history of migration

Apače, a small municipality in northeastern Slovenia, where the wide fields of fertile fertile land surround the hillsides of Slovenske gorice on the one side and, on the other hand, the mighty Mura River, full of living nature and mystery. Apače have an interesting cultural and natural heritage, especially the place is marked by the diversity of religions and immigration and emigration in the municipality of Apače through history. The Apaški Field has a number of groundbreaking events in its history, which have been marked by the following generations here. Although immigration and emigration in this area is present throughout history, our journey will begin in 1914, and the history of the place is much, much older (today's settlements of Segovci and Plitvice were first mentioned in writing among all 21 settlements, for the first time around 1106 , Apače around 1193-1220, but settlements existed for many years before).

6 points of tolerance

First tolerance point - The Cemetery in Apače – Sacral Ethnological Museum Start this escape