Escape into the history of religion

Have you been tired of gray working days and want to be flirting with you? Come to Andovci, overcome your fears and try in a ghost-filled room. If you are afraid and tremble, then do not walk close. But if you are brave enough and creative enough, tap on our door. Be sure to close them behind you. If you have survived the trial and are still interested in the characters of folk belief, return to us in October and take part in a walk on the "Devil's Way ", full of witches, devils and seas. If you have escaped from the escape room and walked the "Devious Way", we guarantee that you will also enjoy working days. Upon arrival in Szentgotthard, the cistercians in 1740 first began to build their own dwelling, a monastery. Plans were made by Franz Anton Pilgram. They started with the construction of the southern tract into which the l. 1746. Today's part of the monastery was built around l. 1750, but around the church symmetrically planned northern part has not been realized yet. Discover the story of Cistercians in Monotor and travel in the history of diversity of religions in this area, which contains a treasure trove of cultural heritage. Experience a unique escape into the diversity of religions in the area of Sveta Ana, where Catholic and Evangelical faiths are intertwined. On the "path of tolerance" visitors can explore natural and cultural conditions, get refreshments with local providers and at the same time experience the cultural and natural heritage of this region.

6 points of tolerance

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