Vitomarci 69, 2255 Vitomarci ( Map )


The remains of stone tools (axes and hammers) put the first settlers in this area far back in ancient times. In Roman times, it is said that, nearby, there was a Roman road that connected Ptuj and Gornja Radgona. Some of the settlements were first mentioned in the 13th century. Vitomarci as Witmansdorf was first mentioned in 1297, Drbetinci as Dobrensdorf and Hvaletinci as Qualenfintz in 1307 and so on. Novinci is the youngest settlement that arose from part of Smolinci and Andrenci. The legend of Vitomir tells a story about a Slavic tribe that settled in these parts with their leader, Vitomir, who the settlement was named after. The legend of Vitomir claims that after Ptuj, Vitomarci was also a fortress on the plain in Vitomarci as far back as the 6th century.