Bee Farmers Fridau

 Vitomarci 5a, 2255 Vitomarci ( Map )
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Fridau Bee Farm are beekeepers with a vision and with a desire to offer the customer the best honey on the market. Their buyers, friends, acquaintances and co-workers can attest that they are on the right path, for they are returning customers who know that Fridau honey is something special and is made from the heart. On Fridau Bee Farm, the bees are kept in Langstroth Root beehives at three locations which allows them to obtain varietal honey. Beekeeping is not their primary source of income, they do it as a hobby, especially because, in this way, they can offer high quality products. The knowledge they have gained over the years helps them with keeping the bees and selling products and, for them, this constant education is the key to successful beekeeping. Without the help of the entire family when the work piles up with the bees and honey, they wouldn’t have succeeded, so it is safe to say that the Fridau family is a beekeeping family. The most important thing is quality, the quantity is irrelevant. The bees forage for pollen in the untouched nature of Podravje, Pomurje and on Pohorje. They understand that, in order to have quality, there must be no human influence, so they take the bees to areas where there are no pesticides and other harmful substances, and the bees feel especially good there. The foraging takes place only in Slovenia, and the Fridau Bee Farm produces award-winning honey. Aside from honey, they sell bee colonies with beehives or without them, and arrange special business or other gifts.