The Natural Sciences–Educational Society “Sapientia”

 Hvaletinci 2, 2255 Vitomarci ( Map )
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The Natural Sciences–Educational Society ‘Sapientia’ has its headquarters at no.2, Hvaletinci. This 19th century house is situated in a peaceful location and is surrounded by a garden that is tended by the knowledge-thirsty members of the society. It was founded with the purpose of reviving folk herbalism and uncovering new approaches towards natural sciences. The members of the society attend workshops and make various homemade herbal tinctures and encourage the preservation of nature, ecology, humanity and ethics in science. They are educated on preventative health care and enhancing mental and physical health, they also cultivate the soil and learn about biodynamic farming. They arrange diverse educational training sessions: workshops, lectures, seminars, learning and working groups, research projects, excursions, etc. The society has an online shop, where they offer natural products such as: one-component teas or mixed herbal teas, tinctures, syrups, throat sprays, cosmetic products (salves, soaps, tonics, oils), all made with natural ingredients.