The Municipal Building

 Vitomarci 71, 2255 Vitomarci ( Map )


The Municipality of Sveti Andraž in Slovenske gorice has a long history of education, it was first mentioned in writing in 1791. Until they built the school, education took place in different private houses around the church. At the place where the municipal building is situated, the presbytery used to stand, but it was demolished in 1864 to make room for the school and, after that, the extension, where lessons were held until 1976, when they were relocated to a new, modern prefabricated building. The famous slavist, theatre and literary critic, publicist, playwright and editor of the cultural section of Naši Razgledi, Vasja Predan, attended the original school when his father, Drago Predan, was working there as a teacher and publicist. They first started to use the building for local self-governing purposes in or around 1978.