Museum and Interactive Classroom

Vitomarci 42b, 2255 Vitomarci ( Map )


The Municipality of Sveti Andraž in Slovenske gorice has a long history of education, it was first mentioned in writing in 1791. Regular education began in 1812. In the Museum and Interactive Classroom, is part of the tourist product ESCAPE, “Escape to School through Time”, where visitors can learn about the development of education in Sveti Andraž. A part of the classroom is furbished with furnishings from 100 years ago, with a chalkboard on a stand and chalkboards for pupils, and the other part of the classroom is a modern classroom with an interactive board, projector and tablets. In the classroom there is a permanent exhibition of scholastic materials and textbooks from different periods. The second part of the escape happens outside, on the Path of Tolerance, that connects the cultural heritage of the municipality. Visitors can learn through interesting tips and photographs on the boards about the cultural heritage of the area.