Carmel Ranch

 Stogovci 54, 9253 Apače ( Map )
Telefon: 00386 (0)2 563 1435  00386 (0)31 747 559    Socialna omrežja:         


The Carmel Ranch in Stogovci, near the border with the Republic of Austria, is a place of untouched nature on the Apače plain where the wonders of Croatian Dalmatia can be enjoyed, prepared under the expert guidance of the head chef and ranch boss, who gained experience in America and who makes sure your culinary adventures are unforgettable. Restaurant and tourism are the way of life in this family business. The selected fresh ingredients from the south of Dalmatia, and the fresh Californian trout from their own pond, help them offer an interesting menu that brings joy to every single guest. The pleasant tavern, its interior a mix of Dalmatian culture and cuisine, the Slovenian simplicity, the American influence of large cities on the cocktail menu and the offer of various steaks, plus the Italian temperament and love of life, wines and food, makes the Ranch a perfect destination to spoil your taste buds. To prepare the dishes, they use two large wood-burning barbecues, two of the largest ones in Slovenia. On them, they lovingly prepare special dishes for their guests.