TRC Zgornje Konjišče Ribiški dom

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In wonderful, untouched countryside in Zgornje Konjišče, on the border with the Republic of Austria, there is a the Zgornje Konjišče tourist recreational centre. It is surrounded by ponds, walking paths and natural and cultural monuments, as well as the Ribiški dom restaurant (literally the “Fisherman's Home”), that are open throughout the year for guests who want to enjoy nature. In the middle of all that green space, there is a large summer terrace, suitable for 100 guests, and, inside, there is room for approximately 70 guests. Next to the terrace there is a playground, where children of all ages can enjoy themselves, a volleyball court and ponds, suitable for sport fishing – the fishing licence can be purchased in the Ribiški dom. They offer various beverages, crispy and delicious trout, čevapčiče, chips, salads and desserts. You can choose between the following fishing licences: - day fishing - night fishing - weekend package - sports fishing (Catch and Release) - (Roparica) sport fishing (predatory fish)