Vrtnica Inn (Restaurant, accommodation, fitness, sauna)  Reserve

 Zgornje Konjišče 2, 9253 Apače ( Map ) ( Reserve)
Telefon: +386 (0)40 371 704  +386 (0)2 563 12 95    Socialna omrežja:         


In the Vrtnica Inn in Zgornje Konjišče, near the border with the Republic of Austria, guests are always welcomed with a smile and a kind word. They have two shady winter terraces, one terrace is suitable for 30 guests, the other for 20. They also offer accommodation (5 double- rooms and 1 single room) and a gym and sauna for staying guests. They have garnered approval from guests with their innovative inclusion of seasonal products and slow food menus. They also offer various excellent dishes typical for Styria and Prekmurje, with all the well-known features of Pannonian-Styrian cuisine. On their menu every day one can find fish, and theme days offer dishes with seasonal products. An excellent house specialty are the dishes with wild garlic, truffles and bull’s testicles. Aside from a wide variety of dishes, one can have the daily set lunch menu, Sunday lunches and desserts. They organise and prepare picnics, social gatherings, business meetings and offer excellent catering. At their premises, you can celebrate birthdays, First Communion, Confirmations, weddings or book their venue for other special occasions for up to 60 guests.