The Father of the Pannonian Oaks in Zgornje Konjišče

 Zgornje Konjišče 12, 9253 Apače ( Map )


In the Zgornje Konjišče Tourist Recreational Centre (TRC Zgornje Konjišče), proudly and patiently, in the arms of the silent ponds, there is an old, mighty oak trunk, waiting for you to pass some time with it and get lost in the stories of ancient times. Almost 1350 years ago, on the banks of the Mura River, a mighty oak fell into the river and remained hidden until 1999, when it was uncovered whilst the old gravel pits were being repaired. In 2005, part of the trunk was dug out. The Mura seems like a peaceful river, but in times of increased flow, when the snow is melting in the Alps, the river becomes violent. The consequence of this torrential flow is that it quickly changes its course. The branch of the river, that the oak fell into, was soon covered with gravel and sand. The trunk of the oak was found on the inner side of the former river meander. Data shows that this was once a mighty tree. On the first cross-section above the tree stump there were 160 rings (not all can be established), which means that the tree was 200 years old when it fell in the river, for the sapwood on the circumference of the trunk had already partially fallen off. It was established that the oak was at least 150 cm wide, 30 metres high and with a volume of 28.7 m3. The trunk of the oak in the wall of the gravel pits in Konjišče, that had been waiting in the gravel for 1400 years for mankind's curiosity to find it, tells us how mighty the natural changes are and how important it is to know how changeable our environment is. When we are faced with it, we cannot help but ask: 'How was the world back when its branches reached for the skies above our homes?'