Mura River, Floodplain Forests in Branches of the Mura River


The path of the Mura River starts at 1895m above sea level in the Austrian state of Salzburg, in the Radstadt Tauern. Every year, it brings down fresh snowmelt. Regardless of all the dams its 444 km long course is at its most picturesque in Pomurje, where it is alive and naturally diverse. On the border with Austria, on the left bank, the river is already in the network of Natura 2000 and, on 25th of July, 2018, at the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Programme in Palembang, Indonesia, it was designated a biosphere reserve – the River Mura Biosphere Reserve, Slovenia. With that, it became one of the most important parts of nature that need to be preserved and kept safe for future generations. Mid-channel bars, river branches and wetlands are the most diverse habitats, where several rare and endangered plant and animal species live. When you visit our area, look around the wetland forest, that are like a wide, green line among the ploughed fields, and search for the black stork, bank swallow, kingfisher, little tern, dragonfly, butterflies, amphibians, reptiles, and, if you are lucky, even beavers, which returned to the Apače Valley a few years ago. The flora of the stagnant water is especially interesting, since it is covered with yellow water lily, water soldier, greater bladderwort and duckweed. The banks of oxbow lakes are protected from flooding by reeds, sedge and other plants.