Cycling and Hiking Bridge in Črnci

 Črnci 64, 9253 Apače ( Map )
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In 2006, a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists across the Mura River was opened between Črnci, on the Slovenian side, and Donnesdorf, on the Austrian side, in order to attract more tourists and visitors from both sides of the Mura River. The bridge is a connecting point for many cycling routes on both sides of the Mura River and represents the connection between the two neighbouring countries within the EU. The bridge has been sympathetically designed to suit its surroundings, while the tourist can stop at the "Okrepčevalnica Bicikel" and rest for a while. There, they will gladly take care of your thirsty throats and hungry stomachs. The soothing proximity and whisper of the Mura River and the wonderful natural environment are a balm for one's soul.