Chapel with a belfry Stogovci

 Stogovci 41, 9253 Apače ( Map )


In the southern part of the village of Stogovci, address 41 Stogovci, is a lovely brick chapel with a belfry. It is covered by a two-gable, brick roof. The villagers call it the chapel by Baligač. It was built in the beginning of the 20th century, even though the folk tales claim that a chapel was erected at that place in 1917 or maybe earlier. The chapel had a bell that was stolen by the Germans in 1994-45 but, in 1989, Mr Alojz Baligač had it replaced with a slightly smaller, newer one. At that time, the chapel was also remodelled. One interesting fact about the chapel is that it was once used as a funeral home for the poor.