The chapel of three crosses - Lešane

 Lešane 16, 9253 Apače ( Map )


A beautiful chapel with three crosses and a belfry is situated at the crossroads of the roads of Črnci – Lešane – Spodnja Ščavnica, opposite house no. 16 Lešane. In 1683, at this exact spot, there were three oak crosses. They are said to have been erected in memory of the villagers and Turks who lost their lives in the battle of 1683. in 1928, they built the walls of the chapel around the crosses and a belfry was erected. The belfry is open at the front and has a railing. The triangular roof is supported by two pillars. The paintings are quite recent, from 2000, when the chapel was renovated. The bell of the chapel is very interesting for it was forged from a 250-kilogram airplane bomb. The chapel is well-kept and very beautiful. Villagers claim that, in the past, travellers avoided the three crosses as someone had claimed to have seen a headless figure, kneeling in prayer.