Kolarič Herbs

Sv. Ana v Slov. goricah 17, 2233 Sv. Ana v Slov. goricah ( Map )


Not far from the centre of Sveta Ana, there is a Tea House and Herbs Kolarič, a place where they grow herbs and make items with or out of herbs. The highlight of their herb garden is the earthen house, that is also called the Tea House. There, they hold presentations of collected herbs - their features, meaning and use. They inform you about the procedures of the collecting and drying of herbs and offer freshly prepared herbal teas. You may take a walk around the herb garden and enjoy the company of hundreds of medicinal herbs, the sweet scent of aromatic herbs, some of which you can even get to know in more depth. They offer herbs, herbal treatments, forest fruits, bee products, herbal cushions, Elder flutes.